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An Object Finite Element Library

(Object Finite Element LIbrary) is an object oriented library of C++ classes for development of finite element codes. Its main features are :
Various storage schemes of matrices (dense, sparse, skyline, tridiagonal).
Direct methods and preconditioned iterative strategies for the solution of linear systems of equations.
Shape functions of most "popular" finite elements
Element arrays of most popular problems (Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow, Solid Mechanics, Electromagnetics, ...).

The package is not only a library of classes for Finite Element developments. The package contains in addition :
A guided tutorial to learn how to use and develop finite element codes using the library
More elaborated codes for various types of problems
An extensive documentation in PDF and HTML formats
Utility programs to convert mesh and output files and to generate simple meshes

To obtain further information on the library, contact :

Rachid Touzani